Welland: A Festival of Joy

Calderdale’s first festival of wellbeing

Welland is Calderdale’s first festival of wellbeing, created for the town of Elland and it’s surrounding areas. Welland helps people to live well for longer by providing creative and inclusive wellbeing-related activities that celebrate and bring together our community. Our very first festival happened in June 2018 and it was such a success we are delighted to announce that it will be taking place for a full weekend this year! Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June 2019

The festival’s theme for 2019 is ‘Move Well, Live Well’ and it explores how much better people can feel by getting active and experiencing ways to live happier, more connected lives. It also has a uniquely global flavour, as Welland is happening during an international celebration of wellness – Global Wellness Day, which is celebrated around the world every year. This year’s Global Wellness Day is on June 8th 2019. 

Samantha McCormick
Samantha McCormickFestival Director
I’m Sam McCormick, Festival Director, and I’m a professional dance and movement practitioner. I also live and work in Elland – I run a small non-profit, Curel CIC, which hosts Welland and focuses on enhancing quality of life through movement-based activities. This year’s festival will feature workshops, a schools’ programme, taster sessions, and a chance to get together for coffee, craft beer and conversation. The full programme will be announced in the Spring but we are also running smaller events in the lead up to the festival – watch this space!
Barbara - Volunteer

“This has been such a wonderful experience for me. It was my first time volunteering and I really enjoyed giving my time to an event that had the interests of the community at its heart.” (Barbara, volunteer)

“Welland has given us a sense of community back and has encouraged us to become more active in Elland life. We are now eager to take part in community events and invest in local business in and around Elland.” (Dave and Esther, volunteers)

Welland: A Festival of Joy

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